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Look Away is a psychological thriller that tells the story of MARIA, a shy and reclusive 17 year-old high school girl, alienated by her parents and outcast by her peers. She finds a confidant, and ultimately her demise, in her own mirror image. 

It stars India Eisely, Jason Isaacs and Mira Sorvino

Look Away was released theatrically in over ten countries.

Domestic Sales are handled by WME, Foreign Sales by Voltage , Domestic Distribution Vertical entertainment


Look Away is a slow brooding psychological thriller from writer-director Assaf Bernstein,

...Look Away is intelligently executed and has a surprising development of events;

Jason Isaacs and Mira Sorvino may only have supporting roles as Maria’s parents, but they are both excellent to watch. Jason Isaacs is domineering as the overbearing husband and father, whose obsession with visual perfection leaves him misguided...Mira Sorvino once again delivers an amazing multi-layered performance as Amy. A housewife whose character feels broken and submissive to her imperious marriage and haunted by her vivid and somewhat disturbing dreams..

Director Assaf Bernstein slowly builds atmosphere throughout the film perfectly with stylized lingering shots, which skillfully projects emotions and the loneliness of Maria. This works perfectly with well-placed silences and a haunting orchestral score, which constantly adds weight to tension within its scene. Bernstein does well to maintain the tone throughout the film, choosing to concentrate on enhancing performances rather than feeling a need to escalate the film, with expected jump scares or more action at the end to try and keep audience’s attention.

. It’s a great example of an intelligent horror offering something different.

Sofa Helden

you get a dark coming-of-age film that fits somewhere between Carrie and Maybe tomorrow and is not only very unique and innovative, but also comes across quite unpredictably throughout its course.... stunning directorial work by Assaf Bernstein , The gloomy look, the cold pictures and the calm camera work correspond exceptionally well with the calm action, which moves more and more into the abyss....Look Away is a must-see for cineastes and a figurehead for overlooked film pearls. Conclusion: look!



Look Away is a dark, twisted and engaging movie, a real highlight of 2019,



Without a doubt Eisley is a great revelation is a beautiful and very talented actress allowing her to fracture, immerse herself in the division and unleash a homicidal sensuality rarely seen in the prudish and childish scene of contemporary cinema ...

Horror cult films


The Verdict!

a fully fledged psychological horror tale that will delight those looking for something different within the genre....Carried by a very impressive performance by India Eisley she rules every scene she is in...writer-director Assaf Bernstein has no time for cheap scares and instead focuses on tension building, beautifully summed up by a great Ice Skating sequence that shows you can pull of an ultimate murder without the need of gore or a knife....full credit must go to Bernstein who somehow adds layers of horror in places we may not expect.

His name is death wordpress

The writer and director of Look Away is Assaf Bernstein and I definitely like the way his mind works. Basically, the story he created here is dark and twisted in all the right ways.

There will be moments where you’ll want to look away or cringe at what you see. But again, this is definitely the intention of the filmmaker.

Flux compensator

Eisley, partially reminiscent of the young Angelina Jolie, is a real sensation! 

Israeli author and director Asaaf Bernstein plays very cleverly in his first international film with the mirror theme . 

In LOOK AWAY everything comes naturally, of course, and therefore focuses on very real phenomena such as dealing with your own selves. Because we are always the opposite of what we show to the outside every day. Thank God we only leave this opposite, this negative in ourselves, trapped in the mirror....fantastic scenes! dark corridors, that would would make David Lynch  proud... Another staged highlight is a really breathtaking, a slowly increasing ice skating duel on open ice between Maria and Lily. That has OMEN II quality! My personal favorite owards the end of LOOK AWAY, in which Maria and Ariam are comforting each other from both sides of the mirror in their shared pain...


A strong cast, everyone involved with Look Away portray their characters amazingly, as most of the actors already hold a certain pedigree when it comes to the roles they play. From Issacs’ perfect depiction of the permissive idealist father to Sorvino’s well done performance of a deeply troubled and depressed mother, there is no shortage of star quality in this film. Eisley’s portrayal of the modest and insensible Maria to the confident, as well as the rage-driven Airam... the cinematography work of Pedro Luque (Don’t Breathe 2016, Extinction 2018) also does wonders, giving Maria a claustrophobic environment at home and at school that she cannot escape from. Additionally, the great score by Mario Grigorov (Flowers in the Attic 2014, The Evil Within 2017) builds tension that is riddled throughout the film.

Addicted to media

Look Away is a beautiful film and the framing and composition in the opening scenes convey the utter sense of dread with which Maria navigates her life. We see Maria's train-wreck of a home life with her lovely yet ineffectual mother (Mira Sorvino) and her narcissistic father, played by Jason Isaac in his most hateable role since Lucius Malfoy... Look Away is deeply satisfying while still being utterly creepy and disturbing.


Whithout your head

Eisley is absolutely stellar at portraying mirror twins Maria and Airam, who are not the typical good/evil doppelgänger pair, but rather a co-manifestation of our acceptance of difficult realities and the internal words and actions we most dream of shouting and taking during those moments we replay in our heads... The cinematography and the visual language of the film are both extremely noteworthy as well, with mirrors, reflections, and highly motivated camera movement used constantly to layer and unpack. The final shot of the film, set up earlier with what just seems like interesting aesthetics, is a home-run payoff

For a modern telling of story like Carrie of a tormented girl, Look Away takes a literal approach in the disguise of a fractured mind. I would even say it does horror themed dissociative identity disorder better than the 2017 hit Split,  Horror fans who want to experience the agony of high school life for a teenage girl, Look Away does it as well as anyone has in horror since 1976.


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