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Pilot Director and Executive Producer 

Warrior is the new period action epic from HBO/ Cinemax. It's based on the writing of Bruce Lee and set in San Francisco of the 1870's. Season 1 premiered April 5th 2019 to great success and was included in Rolling Stone's 20 best series of 2019

Warrior has had an incredibly successful run for three seasons on HBO, enjoying a critical and commercial consensus. In February 2024 will be aired on Netflix.


Warrior Reviews


A Bruce Lee Vision Brought to Vivid Life

A new Cinemax series marries a concept dreamed up by the martial-arts master with all the bells and whistles of modern TV — to stirring effect… This is the right time and place for Lee’s vision to come to thrilling life, even if he’s not around to star in it. Warrior is a blast.  (Rolling Stone)


Delivers all the adrenaline-pumping martial arts smackdowns one would expect… Warrior” provides a reflection and catharsis, all wrapped in a badass bow.  (Indiewire)


The director, Assaf Bernstein, takes control of the first episode and doesn’t let go…You won’t realize how much you need this show until you watch it. (Popaxiom)

It is American history brought to vivid life with so much punching. There are also echoes of Banshee’s world-weary yet romantic tone, a generous dose of Peaky Blinders-style gangland swagger, plus the kind of immersive and unflinching visual style that recalls Cinemax’s The Knick. And of course, the action sequences recall the inventive, kinetic dexterity of Bruce Lee and many who followed in his footsteps. (IGN)


The notion of whiteness as a provisional condition is rarely addressed on American TV, and it's fascinating to see it placed front and center on a show where characters kick each other through walls. Warrior Blends Martial Arts and Hard-boiled Melodrama With an Arresting American Tale.  (New York Magazine/ Vulture)

Warrior is a victory in nearly every sense of the word. Not only is it great TV, it also rights a wrong that has lingered over the legacy of cultural icon Bruce Lee for nearly half a century…Three things stand out in the Episode that paint this series as a standout for 2019; The acting, the language, the action. (But why Tho, A geek Community.)


I’m not sure anyone can rightly argue that “Warrior,” premiering Friday at 10 p.m. on Cinemax, could have been rendered as magnificently or bloodily then as it is now. It’s too bad Lee isn’t here to see “Warrior” arrive on TV, but it is wonderful that audiences will get the chance at long last. (

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