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Fauda - Director and Show-runner Season 1 (12 episodes)

Fauda (2016) Assaf was the director and showrunner for Fauda (12 episodes) about undercover Israeli agents and their desperate and bloody hunt for Hamas fighters in the occupied territories for the broadcaster YES. Fauda is hailed as one of the best TV series of all time to have come out of Israel. It won the 2015 Israeli Academy Award for Best Series. Fauda has been picked up by Netflix and was aired as a NETFLIX ORIGINAL in December 2016. It has become a Netflix phenomenon and one of the most talked about shows in 2017. The NY Times has chosen it for its list of best TV of the year and crowned it as the current standard - bearer in the thriller genre . In 2020 Fauda was ranked #8 in the top 30 Best international shows of the decade by the New York Times  



 The Globe and Mail:

"Israel’s latest TV sensation Fauda is a great thriller."


"Why ‘Fauda’ Is One of the Best TV Shows You’ll Ever See."


"Netflix says it's found the next 'Homeland'."


"Hit Series ‘Fauda’ Tops Haim Saban’s List of Favorite Israeli Fare."

NY Times: 

"On Netflix, the Borders Remain Open."


"5 Reasons to Make ‘Fauda’ Your Weekend Binge."

Stephan King: 

"FAUDA, on Netflix. Cool Israeli thriller. With episodes only a little longer than your average sitcom, it's all killer and no filler."

Paul Levinson: 

"Fauda: Beyond Homeland."


"The best TV shows on Netflix you’ve never heard of."

LA Weekly:

"But the series is so efficiently directed that you likely won’t care, and its engaging realism raises thought-provoking issues about terrorism and abuses of power."

Vanity Fair: 

"5 Underrated TV Shows You Should Watch Right Now."

NY TIMES - BEST TV SHOWS OF 2017 - The grittiest tightest, most llived-in thriller comes from Israel and Fauda which came out here at the end of 2016 before breaking out this year, is the current standard -bearer

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