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Award Winning Writer/Director Assaf Bernstein's credits include: show-running and directing the groundbreaking Season One of Netflix's Fauda which was recently voted one of the top ten best International TV Show of the decade by The New York Times, exec producing and directing the pilot episode for HBO/Cinemax's Warrior which was listed as one of the top twenty American series of 2019 by Rolling Stone Magazine, writing and directing the acclaimed feature film The Debt, whose remake starring Helen Mirren and Jessica Chastain grossed over 100 million dollars. In 2023 Look Away which he wrote and directed hit the # 5 spot on Netflix top ten list of most watched films in the US.

In 2023 Assaf completed 8200 an International Thriller he co-wrote, Showran and directed all eight episodes. It's schedualed to air in 2024.

These days he's Directing and Executive Producing the Kollective an international geo - political thriller from Leonardo Fasoli and Maddelena Ravagi, creators of Gemorrah and Zero Zero Zero.


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